NexGen are the Social Communities who gather online in foodie groups, meet up to check out the latest ice cream trend and snap pictures of their bowl of ramen—they share interests in Asian food, dining, new experiences, non-traditional fare, far-east travels, fast service, fresh food, noodle soups and wok stir-fries.

They represent a community of diners who are ethnically diverse, tech-savvy and on the move. NexGen individuals are discerning consumers who are driven by flavor preferences, influenced by peers, motivated by digital media and love to share their experiences through social media.

Our focus on NexGen encompasses more than just a demographic. Today, with advances in technology and tools geared towards meeting new and highly specialized needs of restaurateurs, embracing NexGen restaurant technology will only improve our engagement with guests.

At Sing, we have designed every aspect of our business model to embrace technology and the higher levels of experiential engagement that will be expected in tomorrow’s market place. We have built Sing to set the bar for the Next Generation of restaurants.